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Formula 1 - Alonso transforms anger into energy

AlonsoBack on home soil and with a heavily upgraded car, Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso was convinced he would get his title campaign back on course at last weekend’s European Grand Prix, but things didn’t quite go to plan. Alonso left Valencia frustrated and disappointed with his eighth-place result. However, after some reflection, the Spaniard is ready to refocus his energies on the forthcoming British race.

“I was very angry about everything that happened, but now that anger has been transformed into positive energy driving a desire to fight back,” he explained in his Ferrari post-race diary. “Right from yesterday morning, my mind was already focused on the next Grand Prix at Silverstone, where we will try and channel all that accumulated energy into the car to try and make up for what escaped us, for one reason or another, in Valencia.”

Up until the safety car following Mark Webber’s vicious accident in the Red Bull on Lap Nine, everything had been going swimmingly for the double world champion. From fourth on the grid he was racing in third and applying pressure to the second-placed McLaren of Lewis Hamilton. As the medical car for Webber emerged from the pit lane, Hamilton edged past and sped away to his pit stop.

Alonso, meanwhile, stayed behind and made much slower progress to the pit lane. He eventually emerged from his tyre change down in tenth, whilst his team mate Felipe Massa came out a lowly 17th. Although Hamilton was eventually handed a drive-through penalty for overtaking the safety car, he still managed to retain his second place.

During and following the race Alonso couldn’t hide his frustration with the stewards and the British driver, but following a night’s sleep he was determined to push the thoughts from his mind and refocus on the forthcoming British Grand Prix.

“The safety car appeared at the worst possible moment for us and completely ruined our race,” he said. “It would have only needed a few seconds more or less to totally change our race. It does not achieve much going over the events that followed on. Obviously, in the clear light of day, I am much calmer than I was in the moments immediately following the race.

“At the time, I reacted emotionally and in that situation, it is all too easy to adopt a tone and say things that can be interpreted wrongly, giving rise to suspicions, something which I had no intention of doing. Sure, I understand that the stewards have a difficult job to do and they have to take decisions that are not easy.

“What I meant was that those drivers who, like us, respected the regulations, unfortunately, in this situation, suffered much more than those who broke them, even though they were given a penalty. And I am not referring to any of the drivers in particular. It’s a general matter and I think we should talk about it together in a calm way, to ensure that things like this do not happen again.”

In terms of the championship too, Alonso is positive. He’s currently fifth in the standings (29 points adrift of leader Hamilton), but with the F10 responding well to its updates and another 10 Grands Prix left to run, the Spaniard has not given up hope of clinching the title.

“Even if the Valencia result was not what we wanted, it has not done irreparable damage,” he concluded. “It’s true that the gap to the leader has now jumped to 29 points, but we have not even reached the halfway point of the season. We trail by just over one win, so the situation is still very open.

“The updates we brought to Spain saw us make a step forward and get closer to the front runners. I am satisfied with that, but also aware that we must continue to push on with the development of the F10, because we need to have a car capable of fighting for pole and to give us the edge over our rivals as soon as possible.”

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Formula 1 - Alonso transforms anger into energy

Lorenzo expects Pedrosa and Stoner challenge


LorenzoWith a substantial 47-point Championship lead going into the Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya the Fiat Yamaha rider knows that a podium finish at his home race will maintain a healthy advantage

Jorge Lorenzo is in a relaxed mood as round seven of the 2010 MotoGP World Championship approaches this weekend, with the Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya completing a gruelling series of three back-to-back races.

The busy schedule does not appear to have taken too much of a toll on the 23 year-old Fiat Yamaha rider however, and he leads the Championship standings by 47 points having won the last two races, which came in quick succession at Silverstone and Assen.

Now heading into his home race the Spaniard knows that he is in a position of great strength, and the pressure is on his rivals to recover ground. “We’re 47 points ahead of second place in the Championship, so this means we can finish second or third, but the others must win all the races from now until the end of the Championship. Of course we will try to win but if not we will try to finish the race,” explained Lorenzo to

“In theory Pedrosa is the favourite apart from us as he is second in the Championship, so together with Stoner he is the most dangerous. But every race is different so we will see what happens.”

Last year’s race produced what was widely regarded as the contest of the season, as Lorenzo and team-mate Valentino Rossi – who remains out through injury this time around – battled to the bitter end for victory. The Italian won the fight, but Lorenzo expects others to provide a stern challenge in the 31 year-old’s continued absence.

“Last year I had the chance to win but Valentino was cleverer than me in the last corner, he overtook me at the very end and I finished second,” he said. “This year without him there is one less rider, but the other riders and the other factories are very competitive so to win we will have to fight from the beginning until the last lap of the race.”

Lorenzo may be happy with a podium finish on his home circuit this season, but deep down will be eager to win in front of his own fans on a track he is yet to be victorious on in the premier class. Last year’s second place is his best MotoGP result at Montmel√≥ to date, but he did take victory there on his way to the 250cc title in 2007.

Lorenzo expects Pedrosa and Stoner challenge

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pampers Swaddlers Dry Max Diapers

My husband and I purchased the Swaddlers to use with our newborn (born March 1 of this year) and were quite pleased until they changed to the DryMax. There is no longer a color-indicator for wetness, they smell horrible, and worst of all our son becomes absolutely miserable the moment he wets the diaper. We certainly don't want our child sitting around in a wet diaper, but when you purchase more expensive diapers you expect your child to be comfortable in them.

Pampers Swaddlers Dry Max Diapers

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Kindle 2 years extended warranty will help to ignite the task relevant information

This avoids the disadvantages and costs of damage to the air. Guarantee institution, even if not in a position to sell, or passed to third parties. Each Kindle is 2-year warranty. With a two-year extended warranty Kindle, you receive protection from damage, such as falling or two years. In the second year, expands the protection failures occur during normal operation.

Service Net is the industry's leading management company focused on comprehensive solutions, including warranty management, advanced maintenance program, support, network management services, processing of applications and subscription services. Warranty of the device, even if not in a position to sell, or passed to third parties.

Kindle exchange offer (6-inch screen, Wi-Fi latest in the world), a defect in normal use. He adds: "Compensation for victims of falls Kindle, such as falls and emissions. The plan includes protection against damage during normal use for consumers, two years after the first sale Free Shipping both ways and defective purchase.Includes Kindle (U.S. only) customers. available services and applications for the year 1906: 00-10:00 PST, 365 days a year - call (877) 441-3836 for claims.The two-year warranty extended warranty is available every Kindle (6-inch display , the latest generation of the Global Wireless) shipped the last 30 days. available to customers in the U.S. .

Kindle 2 years extended warranty will help to ignite the task relevant information

Amazon Kindle is currently only $ 189 ,Big Discount from $259

Amazon pleased to announce that Amazon Kindle is the Amazon bestseller product and the product is now only $ 189 from $ 259. This new low price, just the summer, but much more fun!

Kindle is a device that can read-out of 3G Wireless with the book and think in 60 seconds. Easy to read, even in bright sunlight and 10.2 ounces Kindle has enough light to read with one hand. Although this is a 3G device, the Kindle does not have a monthly or annual fees.

Kindle Store has now want more than 600,000 records and the largest selection of folk music, reading books, such as 109, 112 and New York Times bestseller and $ 9.99 downloads. Since the beginning of the Kindle # 1 selling millions of selling on Amazon has produced.

Amazon Kindle is currently only $ 189 ,Big Discount from $259

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Slash e-Reader Price - Amazon Kindle , Barnes & Noble

Prices Barnes & Noble, Amazon and bar-Player

On June 21,2010, first at Amazon, Barnes & Noble calculate the price for these pills eBook Reader. It is possible that these companies nervous prospects for e-Reader, a new line of smart phones and Tablet PC are you?

Try to make different conclusions from their behavior today.

Barnes & Noble suggested a reduction of the first ad space of less impressive $ 259 and $ 199, while the use of standard WiFi sell $ 149.

I do not think Amazon Kindle as vulnerable in the corner, but to think someone in his office in Seattle, different. Only about six hours later, gave the answer Amazon: Kindle price will drop $ 259 and $ 189. (Life, the Kindle than two, as he arrived in February 2009, was sold to 359 is known, but decreased from $ 299 in July and again in October $ 259.

The threat is always around the corner, next to the Kindle and other e-readers - nearly all functions simple - Apple IPAD. This device can not send books to the touch (can you use an Apple iBook and install the software, Buy Kindle), but also is an effective replacement for a laptop to be.

A price reduction are a way to address that opened the e-reader and tablet per day. Another logical option would be an improved version of the angle and shows Kindle-color display and can turn over without batting fragmentation, which offers advantages such as the e-reader long battery life and good readability in direct sunlight lamp. Interesting work, I do not know if it fast enough, happens to make a difference.

What are your thoughts on the debate, and player-versus-Tablet? What to buy, rather than another?.

Barnes and Noble NOOK ebook reader $234.95

Slash e-Reader Price - Amazon Kindle , Barnes & Noble

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yamaha announce Yoshikawa as replacement for injured Rossi

The experienced test rider will stand in for the Fiat Yamaha team from the Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya until the World Champion is back to full fitness.
yamaha fiat motogpYamaha Motor Racing have confirmed that their experienced test rider Wataru Yoshikawa will join the Fiat Yamaha team for the Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya on July 4th, riding in place of injured World Champion Valentino Rossi until the Italian is back to full fitness following his broken leg.
Yoshikawa, a two-time Japanese superbike champion, will ride Rossi’s YZR-M1 for the Italian’s side of the Fiat Yamaha garage and is expected to be with the team for at least three races, after which more is expected to be known about Rossi’s expected return date.
Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Racing Srl, Lin Jarvis, said: “We have considered many different scenarios and candidate riders to fill the temporary vacant seat in the Fiat Yamaha Team. We had always planned to use a rider from within the Yamaha Motor & Tech 3 family but for each rider we considered who is in active competition, their move to the Fiat Yamaha Team would have created another problem for their own racing programme or for the teams in which they are engaged.”
“Finally, after a great deal of consideration, we have selected Wataru Yoshikawa, our Japanese YZR-M1 test rider, to join us as our substitute rider. We provisionally plan for three races (Catalunya, Sachsenring and Laguna Seca) but we will adjust the plan accordingly when we know more about Valentino's expected date of return.”
Yoshikawa, who has ridden as a wildcard once before in MotoGP when he finished 12th at Motegi in 2002, stated: "I'm happy to have this chance to stand in for Valentino while he is recovering and to compete in MotoGP again. Looking at the Fiat Yamaha Team results with the 2010 YZR-M1, I can see that the winter developments were correct and now I am looking forward to having the chance to gather some ‘real racing' data, which will be very helpful for the future development of the M1."
Jarvis further welcomed the experience and knowledge of 41 year-old Yoshikawa, adding: “The benefit of Wataru's presence in our team will be threefold. Firstly he brings with him a wealth of experience riding the YZR-M1. Secondly his presence allows us to fulfil our contractual obligations and to join the team's quest to accumulate points for the Team Championship. Thirdly he will gain valuable first hand MotoGP race experience in three challenging circuits which will surely be very useful to assist him and Yamaha with the future development of the YMR-M1. We look forward to welcoming Wataru into our team while we wait for Valentino's return to full fitness."
Yamaha announce Yoshikawa as replacement for injured Rossi


How bOOb Up!! Enhancer !! How Pueraria Mirifica works?

Pueraria mirifica has a high concentration of phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are not hormones, but they do provide the same benefits of estrogen, which is the body's primary source for breast enhancement. Phytoestrogens maximize blood flow and estrogen distribution throughout the breast tissue, encouraging growth and maintenance of the breast tissue, firmness, and shape.

Pueraria mirifica can lengthen the milk ducts, stimulate and expand fat tissues,resulting in firmer breasts. Pueraria mirifica also maintains collagen, and develops new skin cells resulting in soft, smooth, and beautiful breasts.

Ducts branch out from the nipple to the interior of the breast, ending in clusters of the lobules. Pueraria mirifica stimulates the lengthening and ranching out of these ducts and the development of the mammary tissues.

Pueraria mirifica also increases the fatty tissue and ligaments around the breast that provide support and shape. This results in enhanced cup size. Moreover pueraria mirifica helps maintain collagen which results in giving breasts a soft, smooth, natural shape

How bOOb Up!! Enhancer !! How Pueraria Mirifica works?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

eBook reader on Market Amazon Kindle deal, Barnes & Noble debuts an Nook tablet, Sony's Digital Reader

Do you remember as you known before.. The first week of October 2009, Amazon had been start to e-mailing select customer area and inviting them to buy a discounted Kindle DX-- priced at $499 instead of the usual $489--bundled with some offer on that time.

Big discount available when Kindle release to the market .Yes; on that time, this concept can got customer some from prospect area.

The newspaper-plus-Kindle deals that Amazon heralded when it unveiled its Kindle DX electronic book reader in May 2009--and then failed to deliver on schedule--are finally about to arrive.

Now new Kindle available as Kindle 2 Amazon's Kindle dominates the e-book category but continues to suffer from self-imposed compatibility problems -- the usage controls Amazon embeds in its e-books prevent you from using them in hardware or software not approved by the Seattle retailer and also forbid such customary practices as loaning your copy to a fried. Its e-ink screen, meanwhile, exhibits the slow performance and low resolution of an early effort. A crop of new e-book readers -- for example, Barnes & Noble's Nook, Plastic Logic's Que and Sony's Reader Daily Edition -- promise better features but won't ship until the end of this year or even later. If you simply cannot live without an e-reader, get Amazon's basic Kindle model, not its bigger Kindle DX -- but realize that a few months from now you may regret jumping into this market.

Will any of these developments spark more interest than before? What would it take for you to invest in an e-book device--or will nothing persuade you to make such a purchase when physical books and newspapers or book don't need separate hardware?

All price decrease from the first release, Now Kindle available price as $189 as Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation)

if bigger screen as 9.7" as Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device (9.7" Display, Global Wireless, Latest Generation) price as $489

And Nook from Barned & Noble's as Barnes and Noble NOOK ebook reader --prices as $239.99

Sony's Reader Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition price as $199.00

find out more for your ebook reader here

eBook reader on Market Amazon Kindle deal, Barnes & Noble debuts an Nook tablet, Sony's Digital Reader